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9 Things You Didn’t know about Bill Murray
“One time Bill was in Scotland when he met a (presumably good-looking) 22-year-old Norwegian exchange student at a bar who brought him to a house party friends of hers were throwing. When they arrived, upon finding a huge pile of dirty dishes in the sink and no clean glasses to drink from, Bill just started washing the dishes like it was no big deal. Afterward he happily drank vodka from a coffee cup”
“There are scores of websites and blogs dedicated to reporting Bill Murray encounters, stories, and sightings. There are accounts of Bill hanging out with people at karaoke bars (pictured); showing up at random house parties (pictured); inviting himself for drinks with complete strangers (pictured); and, best of all, sneaking up behind someone on the street, covering their eyes, saying “guess who” and, when they see who it actually is, proclaiming “no one will ever believe you.””

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Red Velvet Cupcakes - As Requested!


Vegan Thai Food - As Requested!

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Nostalgia Electrics Coca-Cola Series OFP501COKE on We Heart It.

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